Why choose Private Exchange Group?

It’s personal

At PEG you’ll know us by our names, not our company name.

A 1031 exchange is an extremely effective and powerful tool and needs to be handled with care.  Most investors don’t do exchanges often.  Most have a very basic understanding of the 1031 exchange process and rules, but that’s it.

Although 1031 exchanges are simple in concept, they can get complicated in a hurry.  Combine this with a lack of understanding and experience and that can lead to anxiety, fear, hesitation and the inability to put together an effective plan.  There is no need for anxiety.

We understand how our clients feel because we take the time to:

1.  We’ll fill in the gaps of your 1031 education:

  • When is the best time to start planning for a 1031?
  • Importance, implications and management of the timelines
  • Explain what vesting is and its importance
  • Identification rules and strategies
  • Address and remove any myths or misunderstandings
  • Hold conferences with and educate your adviser team

2.  We’ll direct you back to your tax adviser(s)

  • We want to make sure you have a clear picture of the options for your transaction

3.  Need additional help?

  • We’ll direct you to tax, legal, planning advisers if you ask

We expect the unexpected, which is why we will have a clear understanding of your goals before we start processing your Like Kind exchange.

Why do we do this?  Simple.  It makes your job easier, our job easier and it’s just the right thing to do.

Image of multiple people in an office with focus on young woman smiling in front

It’s full service

In the spirit of our commitment to personal service, here is a list of our services:

  • Personal Service to investors and their teams
  • Provide education as needed to all parties in all transactions
  • 1 and 3 hour CE Class offerings for Realtors
  • Complete coordination of all transactions needed to complete an 1031 exchange
  • Prepare and deliver all documentation and instructions to all parties in each transaction
  • Provide separate escrow accounts for each client
  • Pick your bank™  -On request, an investor can pick the bank when their funds are held2. (see below)
  • PEG Secure™  -An industry leading 2nd verification process on wires
  • Fast turnaround on wire requests
  • Representative assistance at closings
  • 45 day letter with written steps, deadlines and identification instructions
  • Exchange services include but are not limited to: Simultaneous, Delayed, Reverse, Construction, Foreclosure, Multiple Property, Multiple State and Custom 1031 exchanges

1-All referrals to advisers are to separate entities to The Private Exchange Group, Inc. and have nor will have any compensation to PEG.
2-The investors will not have Constructive Receipt or control of the funds. The bank has to be willing to provide services needed for 1031 Escrow accounts. PEG reserves the right to approve bank based on suitability, safety and bank ratings. Extra fees will apply based on individual circumstances.
Note: The Private Exchange Group, Inc. will not provide any legal or tax advice and as such will not provide interpretations and/or representation(s) as to the validity, tax defer status or investor’s ability to qualify for a tax deferral of their capital gains taxes. We encourage all investors to seek the advice of their tax professional before making any decisions.